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General/Misc Tips and Tricks

  • In forms with address fields, enter the ZIP code and Paradigm will automatically enter the city, state, county, and country. If the ZIP code you enter is not in Paradigm’s database, you will be prompted to add that zip code, and it will be available from that point forward.
  • There are many keyboard shortcuts in Paradigm. Learn more about them here: Paradigm Keyboard Shortcuts, Order Entry Shortcuts
  • Use the ‘Y’ and ‘N’ keys to press the respective buttons in popups asking for a Yes or No.
  • In list forms, use the button to the left of the headers to clear all filters. The only filters that will remain is a selected saved filter. 
  • In print selections, double-click a report to print it.
  • In most forms in Paradigm, numbers are stored up to five decimals (sometimes four), but are rounded to a certain amount of decimals for display purposes only.
  • Many reports have ‘Drill down levels’ where double-clicking on a certain row of data will drill down into the component parts of that line or section.
  • An inventory item can be opened and edited from an order or invoice by clicking the line item options (the folder to the left of a line) and clicking ‘Inventory’.
  • If you find yourself doing repetitive work or data manipulation, or if you are copying values from one report to another manually, please let your system administrator know! Chances are that Paragon can create a report that does the work for you.

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