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How to Use the Task Scheduler

Once tasks have been enabled, the task list will open automatically on Paradigm startup. If the task list has been closed, open it by going to Home > Task List

Any uncompleted tasks for the current Paradigm user will show in this list by default. Red in the date and time field means that a task is overdue. Yellow means that the task is due in the next hour, otherwise the fields will appear white.

A user can also choose to see the tasks that they have created for another user by selecting “Created By Me” from the “Filter:” drop-down.

Tasks can also be filtered by date or a user can click Done or Total to see lists of completed or all tasks.

Creating a Task

To create a task, click on the green plus button.

By default, the assigned user on the new task will be the current user that is signed into Paradigm. To create the task for another user, select a different user from the drop-down.

If the task will involve a customer or vendor in some way, they can be selected from the contact drop-down so that information about them can be shown on the task. Next, select the date and time for the task and a task type. Task types can be defined in Paradigm by clicking on the pencil icon beside the task type drop-down (highlighted below). Finally, give the task a subject and leave any necessary notes for it.

Editing a Task

To edit a task, double click on it and click the edit icon in the top right of the task window.

Completing a Task

To complete a task, click on the check mark beside the task or click “Complete” in the task form seen above.

Schedule Next Step Button

In quotes, orders, and invoices the “Schedule Next Step” button can be found in the status tab.

From there a task can be created and assigned, and it will link back to the transaction it was created from.

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