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How to Void A Check

This FAQ will go over how to void a check in Paradigm. Voiding a check will mark it as void but keep it in the check registry records, whereas deleting will void it and delete the check record. More information on the check registry can be found here: Bank Account List

Check List

To void a check from the check list, go to Banking > Checks and open the check to be voided.

Then unpost the check and click “Void”.


To void a check that was used on a payable, go to Accounts Payable > Payables and open the payable that the check was used on.

Then click “Unpost” and then choose to “Delete” or “Void” the invoice.

Voided Checks

Once a check is voided, it will have the “Void” column checked and the memo field will say “Void” in the check registry.

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