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Paradigm Search All

The Paradigm search all feature allows for easy searching in Paradigm. This search bar can be accessed on the home screen or by pressing “Ctrl + G”. This search bar allows a user to search Paradigm for any of the following items.

  • Quote, Estimate, Order, Back Order
  • Invoice, Job Transfer, Finance Charge
  • Request for Quote, Purchase Order, Manufacture Order
  • Purchase Invoice, Bill
  • Prepayment, Receivable, Payable, General Journal, Checks
  • Inventory Items, Jobs, Inventory Builds
  • The underlined letters signify the shortcut to open these forms. So if for instance, if ‘Q’ was pressed, Paradigm would open a new quote form.
  • Another way to open those forms, or view lists is by just typing in the name of it in the search bar. For example, if “Order” was entered in the search bar, the sales orders list would be opened. A full list of all the forms and lists that can be found this way is listed at the end of this FAQ.
  • To search, simply enter the ID number of the item that is to be found. In some cases, records can be found by searching for things besides ID numbers. These cases are mentioned later on in this FAQ.

Selecting an option from the drop-down limits the search results to only that type of item. In the case of customers, vendors, and products, unchecking the boxes below the search bar will limit the fields that Paradigm searches for the criteria that was provided. The back arrow beside the search bar will bring back the previous search and the drop-down arrow to the left of it will give a list of previous searches.

Searching for Documents

In the case of searching for a document such an order or an invoice, entering a whole ID number such as “OE-0561472” will return that record; and since there is only one match, Paradigm will also return the ‘View Related’ items for that transaction and highlight the line for the actual transaction you entered. To open a record, click on the folder icon beside it or double-click on it. To bring up a broader range of results, just enter the number portion of the ID (“0561472”) and all of the transactions with that number will be returned as well.

NOTE: Clicking the binoculars will bring up a search bar. This will search the data in the rows.

Searching for Customers

A customer can be found by searching for Customer ID, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Notes, Address and Phone Number. When a customer is searched for by their customer ID, their account balance and credit limit will be shown as well as any open quotes or orders from the last 30 days.

Searching for Vendors

Similarly, vendors can be found by searching for Vendor ID, Contact Person, Notes, Address and Phone Number. When a vendor ID is searched for, any purchase orders or request for quotes from that vendor which have been released but not completed will be shown.

Searching by Phone Number

If a phone number is searched and it is not in the system, there will be an option to add it to an existing contact. Clicking either customer or vendor will bring up the “Add Contact” form. This can be done automatically through the Paradigm search program, learn more about that here.

Searching for Products

If, when searching for an product in inventory, ‘All’ is selected from the drop-down, you must use the product ID of the product that you are trying to find. By selecting ‘Product’ from the drop-down, however, it is also possible to search by Description, Category, Subcategory, Vendor Number, and Notes.

Searchable Forms and Lists

This is the list that was referred to earlier in this FAQ. Entering any of these into the search bar will open the form for it. For example, entering “Customer” will open the customers list. Below is a list of the all searchable forms and lists:

Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Point of Sale, Customers, Jobs, Job Dashboard, Job Transfers, Customer Prepayments, Receive Payments, Gift Cards, Task List, Request For Quote, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Purchasing Agent, Vendors, Inventory List, Inventory Discard, Quick Build, Inventory Adjustments, Inventory Lots, Manufacture Orders , Builds, Inventory Transfers, Daily Deliveries, Daily Pickups, Trips, Transfers, Outside Deliveries, Work Orders, Component Production, Rollformer Production, Production Batching, Scan to Complete, Recently Completed, Coil Split, Coil History, Edit Favorites, Payables, Production by Piece, Reports, Credit Card Charges, Email Batches, Employees, General Journals, Deposits, Reconciliation, Checks, Withdrawals.

Search Bar in the Window Header

The search bar in the top left of the screen is mainly used to find forms in Paradigm, but can also be used to search for customers, order numbers, etc.

To find a form, start typing in the search bar and Paradigm will start to auto-complete the word being typed in, or click on the arrow to find it from the dropdown list.

If an order number, customer ID, or etc. is entered in this search bar, it will bring up the search all form and will search for it.

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