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Receipts And Cash Drawers

This FAQ will go over receipts and cash drawers in Paradigm. More information on setting up receipt printers and cash drawers can be found here: Activate Receipt Printers And Cash Drawers For Use In P10

Receipts can be printed whenever a payment is received from a customer. The cash drawer will open when cash is received and then the “Open Cash Drawer (F1)” button is clicked.

Local Settings (Per Workstation)

To select a receipt printer or cash drawer for a workstation, go to System > Local Settings and enter in the name of the device set in the OPOS Epson software. To test if it is connected, click “Test Drawer” or “Test Printer”.

  • Ask before printing receipt – When enabled, a pop up will appear before printing the receipt.
  • Print Receipt – If this is checked, receipts will be printed.
  • Prompt for Signature – If this is enabled, it will ask for a signature when payment is taken.

Point of Sale

Open Cash Drawer

To open the cash drawer from the POS form, click the “Open Drawer” button or press F9.

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