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View Related

The view related button can be used on almost any form, to find related documents for the current transaction. The related documents on this list are linked to the current transaction. They are usually linked by being converted into or from the current transaction, payments received, etc.

Stay Open

Checking the “Stay Open” check box will keep the list open after a transaction is opened from the list.

The view related list can be changed to search for less transaction levels by reducing the “Levels to go in View Related”, which can be found by going to Company Preferences > Sales > Days/View Related. The level amount selected here will determine how many levels of transactions the list will show. Each level is one transaction to the next, so three levels could show a quote converted into an order, then an invoice, and then a purchase order, but nothing past that since three levels have been reached.

If these numbers are different, the “Extended Search” option will display on the View Related form. This will search through even more levels for related documents.

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