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Fulfillment Pro: Advanced Dropdown

This FAQ will go over the different options available in the “Advanced” drop down for an order.

Back Order

More information on this can be found here: Fulfillment Pro: Back Ordering


Opens the restage form, more information on that can be found here: Fulfillment Pro: Staging

Payment Info

This will display a pop up with the amount paid so far, and the prepayments and receivables for the order so far.

Trim Drawings

This controls whether or not trim drawings are to be shown. If “Auto Load Drawings” is enabled, this option will not be shown.


This will open the signature window, for the customer to sign for the material getting picked up.


Opens the camera and any pictures taken will be attached to the order in Paradigm. More information on enabling the camera to take pictures through Chrome can be found here: Enabling Tablet Camera – Google Chrome


Shows or hides the lot options. More information on that can be found here: Fulfillment Pro: Lots

Shelf Quantity

Choosing this will display the shelf quantity for the item with the description.

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