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Point of Sale: Customer Display

This FAQ will go over how to set up a customer display in Point of Sale. More information on point of sale can be found here: Point Of Sale (POS)

Enabling Customer Display

To enable this, go to System > Local Settings > Show POS Customer Display

Then choose which screen to display it on and choose a logo to display at the top. If no logo is chosen it will default to the company logo that is displayed on reports.

Using Customer View

To use this, open Point of Sale and the customer display will be shown in the selected display. To toggle it on or off, click the “Customer Display” button.

This can also be enabled on quotes, orders, and invoices. The “Hide Pricing” button can be used to show or hide the totals on the customer display. The display will be hidden when not in edit mode after 30 seconds.

As items are entered in, they will be listed out. Payments with also be shown as the customer pays the bill.

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