Point Of Sale (POS)

The Point of Sale (POS) module is only to be used for sales when the customer is in the store, buying items that are in their hands and nothing more. It cannot be used for manufactured or special order items, it is designed for use in a retail store environment. This FAQ will go over all the different features and settings in the Point of Sale module, including creating invoices, scanning in items, and selecting payment methods.

  • To get to the Point of Sale module, go to Accounts Receivable > Point of Sale.
  • Select the green plus button to start a new sale.
  • Begin scanning products and adding them to the sales order.
  • Click the “Complete Sale” button to select the payment method and complete the order.
Entering Items
  • There are a couple different ways to find and enter items in Point of Sale, most times it’s just by scanning them in. Items can also be added through the Product Finder or just by clicking in the order list on the Item/GL ID column which will open the product search dropdown.
  • To scan in an item, simply scan it, and the item will be added to the order. The cursor will need to be in the scan field for it to scan.
  • If an item is scanned in that is already on the sale, the item’s quantity will increase by one instead of adding a new line.
  • To adjust the quantity before an item is scanned, either click the plus button until the desired quantity is reached or type in the desired quantity followed by an asterisk and hit enter. For example, typing in “8*” and clicking enter would set the quantity to eight for the next item that is scanned in. Clicking the yellow “X” will clear the quantity.
  • Check Mark – Adds the entered Product ID to the order list.
  • Plus Sign – This button is for entering in multiple of the same item. Every time it is clicked it will increase the quantity by one, so click it until it reaches the desired quantity, then scan in the item and the quantity will be applied to that item.
  • Trash Can – Deletes all selected lines.
  • Complete Sale – Opens the Receive Payment window.

If an ID is scanned in that does not exist in the system, this error will appear and no other items can be scanned in until it is canceled.

Receiving Payments
  • In order to receive a payment, select the Complete Sale button (F10) which will open the Receive Payment screen and the payment method can be selected from there.
  • If more info is needed on receiving payments, check out this FAQ: Receiving Payments
Salesperson and Customer
  • Salesperson – Select the salesperson.
  • Customer – Look up and find the customer’s account, the customer will be defaulted to “CASH” when starting a new sale.
  • Customer PO – Enter the Customer’s PO number.
  • Terms – Select the terms.
  • Customer Notes – Notes about the customer will appear here.
Messages, Signatures, and Tax IDs
  • Message to Print – A message that will appear on the customers invoice.
  • Notes – Notes about the order, these notes will not appear on the customer’s invoice.
  • Signature – Customer’s signature will appear here. Clicking the “Get Signature” button will prompt the signature pad for the customer to sign. If more info on the signature pad is needed, check out this FAQ: Signature Pad
  • Tax – Click the tax drop down to change the tax ID.
Resuming Sales on Hold
  • If a customer walks away to grab something else, the receipt can be put on hold while you check out the next customers. Then once that customer returns, the sale can be resumed from the receipts on hold list.
  • To resume a sale, go to the “Receipts On Hold.” list and click on the order that needs to be resumed.
  • Select “Today’s Posted Receipts” to show a list of the current day’s posted receipts.
POS Header Buttons
  • Start New Sale – Starts a new sale and suspends the current one.
  • Suspend Sale – Suspends the current sale, but doesn’t create a new one.
  • Void Sale – Voids the current sale.
  • Open Drawer – Opens the cash drawer.
  • View Invoice – Displays all entered items in an invoice.
  • Print – Prints out the items on an invoice, picking ticket, or both.
  • Sell Gift Card – Prompts for gift card amount, then once entered will add a gift card as a line item. More info on gift cards can be found here: Gift Card FAQ
  • Product Finder – Opens the product finder side bar.
  • Customer Display – Enables/disables the customer display screen. More information can be found here: Point of Sale: Customer Display
  • Close – Closes out the point of sale module.

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