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Transfer Lead Times

This FAQ will go over how to enable and use the edit transfer lead times feature. More information on transfers on an order can be found here: Transfers For An Order

Default Transfer Lead Times

To set up default transfer lead times, go to Company Preferences > Production Lead Times > Transfer Lead Times. Then enter in the transfer lead days for the different warehouse transfer combinations. The lead days will affect how many days prior before a ship date that the order transfer will occur.

More information on lead days can be found here: Production Lead Days

To edit the default lead days for a transfer, click the pencil button.

Here, the days that the transfer can occur on can be selected as well. If the ship date is on a Friday and the lead days is set to one but Thursday is not set to be a transfer day, the transfer will be set for Wednesday.

Enabling Edit Transfer Lead Times

To enable this, go to System > Company Preferences > Sales > Days/View Related

Using Edit Transfer Lead Times

To edit the transfer lead time on an order, click the “Transfer Dates” button.

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