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Truck Summary

This list shows the available trips for the selected day in the Daily Deliveries screen. These can be created in batches ahead of time via the trips list, more info on that can be found here: Trips List

The truck summary shows the info for the trips, as well as allowing the trip statuses to be edited. If a trip is highlighted yellow, it means the trip has no orders assigned to it. More info on trip statuses can be found here: Trip Statuses. Double clicking on a trip will open the trip info, more about that can be found here: Trip Info

Note that the truck summary can be moved around or unpinned, depending on the desired screen layout. It can even be dragged to a different screen, if the user preference to allow this is enabled in Dispatching>Options>General.

If unpinned, it will collapse to the side of the screen, and will reappear if the mouse hovers over the highlighted area.

Checkbox Filters

There are also checkbox filters at the top of the list.

  • Show Completed – If this is checked, completed trips will be shown on the list in gray.
  • All Warehouses – If this is checked, trips from all warehouses will be shown, instead of just trips for the selected warehouse.
  • Unassigned – If this is checked, only the trips that haven’t been assigned to an order will be displayed.
Right-Click Options

Right-clicking on a trip will bring up some more options.

  • Delete Trip – Deletes the trip. Any orders assigned to that trip will be unassigned.
  • View Orders – Opens a list of all the orders assigned to that trip.
  • Trip Options – Opens the trip info screen. More info on that can be found here: Trip Info
  • View Map – Opens the trip in Google Maps.
  • View Map Roundtrip – Opens the round trip in Google Maps, including the ship-from warehouse address.
  • Print Driver Paperwork – Prints the driver paperwork for that trip.

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